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Meet Ten Alumni of Writing HTML
The following 10 people, randomly selected from the 1764 registered alumni, have learned how to create their web pages from this tutorial and have been able to make them available to the world. These were collected between maybe 1995 and 2005, but the registration form closed long ago. You can also see full roster of all alumni.

Mikesters attempt at a homepage - Mike Harvie
(full email address removed) - Newport Corner, Nova Scotia
Great!!!!I actually feel kinda smarter now!

System Analyst - Alvin Teh
(full email address removed) - Anixter Singapore Pte Ltd

south kitsap poetry page - kapito
(full email address removed) - port orchard, washington
Thank you for the gentle push.

Joanne Di Maio's Homepage - Joanne Di Maio
(full email address removed) - Toronto, Ontario
This tutorial provides a thorough, easy to follow guide to getting your own web page started. It's been invaluable to me.

Ravi's Homepage - Raviraj Bhide joined the alumni on Sep 6, 1999
(full email address removed) - Columbus, Ohio, USA.
I rate this book excellent ! It is simple to read, easy to understand and after reading it, I could create much better webpages. The chapter on TABLES is really good. Thanks for making it available online !
Writing HTML - Alan Levine
(full email address removed) - Tempe, AZ
I guess I am the first graduate of this tutorial as I wrote it (with some great help from Tom Super)!

This is my first home page ..... - lily chee joined the alumni on July 7, 1998
(full email address removed) - Malaysia/Programmer
It is a very good tutorial. I only spend four days to learn the html with this tutorial !

Mike's Firebird Page (Specializing in 1980) - Mike joined the alumni on Nov 28, 2000
(full email address removed) - Clarkston, MI
This is a site about my car that i am restoring. Our computer class used this course and i finished it on my own. You have helped alot.
Bruington Family Home Page - Gwen Bruington
(full email address removed) - Richmond, VA
I thought it was great! It's nice to know what the HTML coding is and how to use it. Thanks for a great tutorial!

Homepage for Lacey DeWeert - Lacey DeWeert
(full email address removed) - Pullman, Washington
This tutorial was easy and quick to learn. I was able to find the information I was looking for easily and without having to wade through a bunch of useless information. I highly recommend this tutorial!


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Ten Almuni of Writing HTML
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