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Meet Ten Alumni of Writing HTML
The following 10 people, randomly selected from the 1764 registered alumni, have learned how to create their web pages from this tutorial and have been able to make them available to the world. These were collected between maybe 1995 and 2005, but the registration form closed long ago. You can also see full roster of all alumni.

Kay Dumont Aromatherapy - Tim Johnson joined the alumni on Apr 4, 2000
(full email address removed) - Bournemouth, UK
I was a complete beginner to HTML, and your tutorial was very informative, giving me the knowledge to move on to more advanced coding. This was my first attempt at a corporate web page.
Via Apia - Online Language Translations & Web Design - Hristo PETKOV joined the alumni on May 29, 2001
(full email address removed) - Bulgaria
The best HTML tutorial on the Web. Strongly recommended to Web writers.
Voice of the Farmer - Mike Pilecki joined the alumni on April 14, 1998
(full email address removed) - Leader Publications, Dresden, Ont.

Hogsmeade - Ping joined the alumni on Jan 10, 2001
(full email address removed) - Virginia, USA
This is an excellent tutorial. Building a website as I went through it helped tremendously in understanding the concepts. I recommend this tutorial to anyone interested in web programming.
Rick's Home Page - Rick Hochstetler
(full email address removed) - Student at the College of Wooster
I thought it was wonderful, simple and easy to use.

Magicsun Glasses - Diana joined the alumni on May 1, 2002
(full email address removed) - new Jersey
this glasses will change the way you look at things
White's Homepage - Randy White joined the alumni on June 12, 1998
(full email address removed) - Phoenix, Az.
As a 49 year old self taught computer buff. I was doomed to the fact that "we are to old to learn about computers". I however found your course easy to understand and very informative. Thank you so very much for the course.

Andrew Modeen's Entertainment Page - Andrew Modeen joined the alumni on September 16, 1998
(full email address removed) - Kent, WA
Rather boring but useful.

Pat's Dragon Warrior Paradise - Patrick J Hufford joined the alumni on January 28, 1999
(full email address removed) - Dayton/Oregon, Ohio
This tutorial was great. It helped me to learn the basics and even some of the advanced stuff within days.
Science news with links for free graphics, animated gifs and free - B Seyler joined the alumni on Jun 30, 2001
(full email address removed) - Southeast Oklahoma
I thoroughly enjoyed using your HTML tutorial. I believe that the best way to learn anything is by a hands on approach. Another benefit of your tutorial was that I learned a lot about Volcanoes. I have graduated now to XHTML and look with anticipation for your further tutorials using other web languages.


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Ten Almuni of Writing HTML
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