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Meet Ten Alumni of Writing HTML
The following 10 people, randomly selected from the 1764 registered alumni, have learned how to create their web pages from this tutorial and have been able to make them available to the world. These were collected between maybe 1995 and 2005, but the registration form closed long ago. You can also see full roster of all alumni.

The Violent Femmes Chord Archive - Wesley Torres
(full email address removed) - Greentown, PA
It's cool like whip...I'm pretty good at HTML so when my loser friends beg me to tea ch them to make web pages, I send them here :)

pics - Deian joined the alumni on Jan 28, 2004\xaxa.htm
(full email address removed) - Sofia
mi xaxaxaxaxaxa
100+ Walking Challenge - 100+ Walking Challenge joined the alumni on August 29, 1998
(full email address removed) - Planet Earth
So simple and easy to understand that we've linked to your site as an example...

Xylen's Home Page - Xylen
(full email address removed) - Student at Colorado State University
This tutorial is wonderful. I could work on the lessons while offline whenever I wanted. I currently have 7 pages of my own and I'm teaching 2 other people. I never could have done it without you.

Pet Partners - Bill Wells
(full email address removed) - Rutland, Vermont
I've read books about HTML but your tutorial got me to actually do it! The gradual building of the volcano site proved that you can start just writing out general outlines and then build from there. I use the examples I worked on during the tutorial as guides for page buil ding. I find that I continue to go back to the tutorial when I need to review something I actually haven't used before. Thanks for a very valuable resource!

Teacher - Guillermo joined the alumni on Aug 23, 1999
(full email address removed) - Argentina
Thank I Need create forms
SATYAONLINE - satya joined the alumni on Mar 30, 2000
(full email address removed) - U.S.A
Dawsons - John Wills joined the alumni on March 26, 1999
(full email address removed) - St Albans Hertfordshire England
Good tutororial!
Streamline International- The best MLM opportunity available. - Bob O'Brien joined the alumni on August 29, 1998
(full email address removed) - Werribee Australia - work from home
Great course. Very logically laid out and so easy to follow. I downloaded the course and have found it to be a very handy reference. Alan has been a very handy and knowledgeable reference point fo r a couple of problems I have encountered since finishing the course. I would heartly recommend this course to anyone wishing to learm HTML. I only hope Alan finds time to add to the course at a later date.

Business Advert - David Brian Best joined the alumni on Jul 25, 2004
(full email address removed) - Tallahassee Florida
An excellent tutorial. I've used it to set up my own web page advertising my new business. After every chapter I apply the new code I've learned. I've never done an on line tutorial that did a better job of presenting potentially difficutl material in a user friendly and interesting format. The attention to detail is better than you get these days in a published book on the subject. Thankyou


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Ten Almuni of Writing HTML
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