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 A. Introduction
Here you will find brief descriptions of Studio 1151, information about its executives and facilities, and general project details.
  1. How to Use this Guidebook
  2. Contacting the Studio
  3. Letter from Studio 1151
  4. Project Phase Timeline

 B. Selling the Concept
Your initial activities will be to specifically identify the topic and scope of your production, the brainstorming phase. You will need to file a Request for Proposal form with the Studio and schedule a time when you will "sell" the idea to us. Also, the Studio requires that you keep tabs of your progress via our electronic journal reports.
  1. Brainstorming
  2. Request for Proposal
    1. form
    2. explanation of form with examples
    3. checklist
    4. acceptance letter from Studio
  3. Production Team Roles
    1. Role Assignment Form
  4. Journaling
    1. submission form
    2. explanation of form with examples
    3. Individual time sheets
    4. checklist
    5. view past reports (team members only)
  5. Teamwork

 C. Pre-production
Now it is time for details. You will design on paper the flow of your production and sketch designs for how your production will look. Through this process you will begin to identify what resources you will need. Once completed, you are required to obtain Studio approval before entering production
  1. Flowchart
    1. checklist
    2. example of draft version
    3. example of final version
  2. Storyboarding
    1. checklist
    2. examples
    3. template
  3. Production schedule
  4. Sites/locations list
  5. Role assignments
  6. Production costs
  7. Preliminary budget

 D. Production
The longest part of your production is bringing it to life. The Studio is available to provide consultation and technical facilities. Every product will need some sort of accompanying documentation to help the viewer.
  1. Production tips
  2. Release Form
  3. Accompanying documentation

 E. Post-production
At this stage you will be wrapping up the details in preparation for premiering your product. You should conduct a tryout of your project with a test audience and make changes based upon your test audience's feedback
  1. Audience test run
    1. Sample Survey Questions
    2. Sample Interview Questions

 F. Premiere
The Studio requires a public premiere during the last week of your contract. This event will include publicizing coordinated by your team and the Studio, and chances for success are highest if it is well-planned.
  1. Premiere Announcement
  2. Planning Form
  3. Planning Form Example

  1. Final Budget
  2. References

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S tudio 1151 Guidebook by Karen McNally and Alan Levine
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