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 This site is part of a pilot project, devised by the Ocotillo Authoring Group at the Maricopa Community Colleges. For one semester's time, a faculty member and 2-5 students work as a media production team to design, develop, and premiere an instructional technology project. The "team" reports to the "Studio", which is actually the Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction.

The teams will use the Studio Guidebook which contains specific planning documents, forms and support information for their project. Each week, the teams electronically submit a journal report that has one statement as a press release.

The goal of this project is for students and faculty to engage in a non-traditional environment to produce a viable instructional technology product. Behind all the Studio metaphors are the critical elements of instructional design.

The first pilot consisted of two teams, commisioned in the Spring of 1996, that developed these featured productions:

 Negative Reinforcement University (Scottsdale Psychology Team)
 A Web of Labyrinths (South Mountain Cultural Anthropology)

Both of the projects were featured in a presentation at the Novmber 1996 League of Innovation Conference, as detailed in a press release by the Studio.

For the Spring of 1997, the Studio is soliciting new projects as well as seeking industry partners to assist in the production of our next round of features.

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