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A National Computer-Based Testing System
Available at MCCCD
NovaNET's Testing 1-2-3

Yvonne Zeka, GWCC
One of the many components of NovaNET, a large communications and computer-based network, is a general purpose testing system. This system, known as Testing 1-2-3, was developed by the computer-based Education Research Laboratory Curriculum Applications Group at the University of Illinois. Designed to be suitable for a wide range of applications, Testing 1-2-3 can be used for:

Test result reporting options include:

Testing 1-2-3 is structured around component parts contained in a simple file: test lists, items, sections, and graphics. Each test is created by specifying which of these parts will be combined to form a particular test.

The test's list displays all the tests contained in a file. A test can be any combination of items, item pools, and section pages. Pools make it possible to administer alternate versions of the same test. Test settings and pool settings are options that control sequencing, review, scoring, timing, and other features of the test.

Currently, Testing 1-2-3 supports four item types: multiple choice, multiple selection, short answer, and numeric. Items can include graphics in item stems and in response choices.

Section pages can be used anywhere in a test. There are two main uses for section pages:

By delineating sections of the test, a student is allowed to review items within a section, but once he enters a new section, he can no longer change answers in the previous section.

The graphics resources list manages the library of test or graphic elements that may be shared across items. These may include complex graphic displays.

The beauty of Testing 1-2-3 is that tests can be created, with or without graphic displays, without any programming. In addition, student responses are recorded and managed.

If you would like to learn more about Testing 1-2-3 or NovaNET, please contact Yvonne Zeka at GateWay Community College,

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