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Downloading the Tutorial Files

This tutorial is always available from our web site


June 2013: Writing HTML has been archived to a personal server


You may experience improved performance if you download the tutorial files to your local computer, so you are not constantly "hitting" our web server. We package it as a completely self-contained package that can even be used off-line. The tutorial includes more than 750 HTML, image, and media files that occupy about 4.1 MB of disk space.

When you have successfully decompressed the downloaded archive, you should have a folder/directory named "Writing HTML" and inside should be two files and another sub-directory/folder that has many more files. To begin, select Open File... from the File menu of your web browser. Look for a file called start.html and open it from within your web browser. From there, follow the hypertext link to the tutorial welcome page.

If you wish to mirror our tutorial on your own intranet, internet web server, or just want to do anything to it, see our easy-to-read, brief copyright statement.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License.
 o Download the Tutorial files for Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP or Mac OS X [2.2 MB]
.ZIP Archive, use JustZIPit, WinZip, or StuffIt Expander

 o Download the Tutorial files for Unix
as .tar.gz formal

 o Lessons in Acrobat format [1.4 MB]
pdf : Adobe Portable Document Format, get the free Acrobat Reader
All lesson text can be printed for easier studying.

Writing HTML
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