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Sometimes it all comes down to opinion...

But every webhound should develop their own ideas of what makes a good web page versus a bad one. It might be the value of the content, the screen design, the appropriateness of the images, the promptness of the display.

In this activity you will explore different sites and develop a sense of what you like or dislike. It will also give you a sense for the "traffic" on the Internet and that some sites will come to you very promptly and others more slowly (or not at all). If you have not spent much time on the web, this is a good chance to practice your basic navigation skills. Here are the key, important steps for getting around a web browser:

  1. Click on the blue hypertext
  2. Repeat step 1

Here are some bones from the webhound's own G, B & B-H U (Good, Bad, and Bandwidth-Hogging Ugly) collection. We welcome suggestions if you agree with us, disagree, or just plain wish to wag your tail. Please send comments via the webhound's web feedback assistant.

Here's what to do...

Explore at least three links from each category, and then share the results with a buddy. Do you agree or disagree about any sites? What are the most important factors that influenced your decision? Do you and your buddy have different critieria for what you consider "good", "bad", or "ugly"?

The Good Badge

The Good

The webhound wags his tail for these sites, some for visual effects and some for compelling or highly potent information. Some are just fun.

The Good Badge
oink oink bad site

The Bad and Bandwidth-Hogging Ugly

You did not REALLY think that the webhound would point pee on a particular site by calling it BAD! We have to watch our back!

But, here are some places where you can find sites that are at, or lurking near, the bottom of the web barrel, or seem as though they crawled out of a cat's litter box, and thus are worth burying deep in the backyard.

yuck! that hurts


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Good, Bad, and Bandwidth-Hogging Ugly
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