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how to be a...
web hound
... finding what you want on the world wide web
this web puppy born 2/96, matured 6/98, pampered 11/99, re-trained 8/01, again 3/02

So you've already been "surfing" the web? Have you "wiped out" yet? With the exponential growth and popularity of the Internet, the glut of sites, and their transient nature, it might seem impossible to locate specific information when you want it. Or worse, it may be frustrating enough to scare you away. No worries, the webhound is here to help!

The webhound will show you how to use different types of web search tools. You will be able to identify key elements of a topic search, decide the most appropriate approach, and then... do it! More important than just dashing off some random keywords to search sites, the web hound will train you in developing your own search strategy, so that you know not only where to go, but also what to do.

In a series of carefully designed steps, the webhound will introduce you to information, provide guided examples, and then send you off for some hands-on practice. To return to this very spot, just click any picture of the webhound.

New for 2002! All worksheets are now web-based for printing and emailing of your work

If this is one of your first romps on the web, you may want to warm up with:

  • The Good, Bad, and Bandwidth-Hogging Ugly -- Get a taste of scampering among different web sites we have dug up, some good, some bad, but mostly it is up to you to decide!
  • Scavenger Hunt -- See what you can sniff out of the brush! We provide links to web sites but you must dig around and find the answers. A good way to practive your web basics and develop youer sense of "smell"

Otherwise, if you are comfortable in the web world, here are your steps for becoming a webhound. We do sugest that you go in order. Each section includes examples and a hands-on exercise:

If you are interested in helping others become better webhounds by using it as a workshop or in a class, see the Webhound Leaders Guide. Also, we have written another workshop called What a Site! designed for teachers to help them find, evaluate, and integrate web sites into their subject area. More of our helpful tutorials are found on our Do It Yourself (DIY) web site<

We are not the only dog in town! Below we provide a list of other webhounds in the pack:

start my web hound training... go dog go!


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How to Be a WebHound
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